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L is for Lesbian

There have been many variations on the Lesbian flag throughout queer history, most of which have been the subject of some controversy. The labrys had been used since the 1970s by the lesbian feminist community, while the inverted black triangle is a symbol reclaimed from nazi use. The Labrys Flag was first published by Sean Campbell.  The Lipstick Lesbian Flag was introduced in 2010 in the weblog This Lesbian Life, and is femme-specific. It was quickly remixed into the Pink Lesbian Flag, which has the kiss mark removed. The Sunset Lesbian Flag was introduced on Tumblr by Emily Gwen in 2018. A five-stripe version of this flag quickly emerged & has become the most common.


The colors of the "Sunset" Lesbian flag represent:

Dark Orange: gender non-conformity

Light Orange: independence & community

White: unique relationships to womanhood

Pink: serenity & peace

Dark Rose: femininity, love & sex

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