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Q is for Queer

The queer umbrella encompasses all people who are not both cisgender* and heterosexual** who choose to self-identify as queer. Some identify solely as queer, while others also fall into other categories in addition. Some prefer not to use the term due to it's history as a reclaimed slur.


*Cisgender refers to a person whose gender identity “matches” the sex they were assigned at birth (men who were assigned male & women who were assigned female)
**Heterosexual refers to men who are exclusively sexually attracted to women and women who are exclusively sexually attracted to men.


Please Note: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being cisgender and/or heterosexual! You can find fantastic cisgender heterosexual representation absolutely everywhere, because it is what society considers “default”. Truthfully, it is just one of many normal natural ways to be. We carry many children's books in our book section that feature cisgender heterosexual characters! We also sell some Disney merchandise, much of which positively depicts heterosexuality.

There are many more genders & sexualities & flags than we could ever possibly list here! These are just some of the most common. The LGBTQIA+ community is incredibly diverse and that is beautiful.


For more information about various genders & sexualities, you can check out some community-created online wikis:

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